YKBA Rules and Regulations

The Yellowknife Basketball Association (YKBA) is sanctioned by Basketball NWT and adheres to all International Basketball Federation (FIBA) rules and regulations, including: 

  • Four 10-minute quarters and a five-minute overtime period if necessary
  • A 24-second shot clock and 14-second shot clock after an offensive rebound
  • Two timeouts in the first half and three in the second half but only two timeouts can carry over to the last two minutes of the fourth quarter. Teams are also allowed one timeout per overtime period. All timeouts are 60 seconds long and can’t be carried over
  • A player fouls out once they accrue five personal fouls
  • Teams will alternate possession (in any jump ball situation) after the first jump ball of the game

The following rules and regulations are specific to the YKBA:

  • The YKBA has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to harassment. Players are asked to treat other players, referees and scorekeepers with respect at all times. Failure to do so will result in a technical foul
  • Technical/ Flagrant 2 Fouls: Technical and Flagrant 2 fouls (unnecessary and excessive force during gameplay) may be called at the referee’s discretion.
    • Upon a player’s third technical foul of the season, they will be issued a one game suspension, with a further one-game suspension issued for every subsequent technical foul.
    • A player who receives two technical fouls in a game will be ejected and issued a one-game suspension.
    • Players who are deemed repeat offenders may be subject to an even larger suspension and/or expulsion at the discretion of the executive.
  • Referees: All teams must identify at least two players to serve as referees for league games. Referees will be compensated for every game they referee (and more so if they referee a game alone, though this is a situation the league would like to avoid)
  • League Fees: League fees will be due before the start of the season (an exact date will be communicated by the executive) and must be paid in full before teams participate. Fees are determined based on gym access, equipment, cleaning and referee charges among others.
  • Team Deposits: In addition to standard league fees (which will be determined by the executive based on the aforementioned criteria), the league will also collect a $200 deposit from each team in the event of forfeitures. Teams will be charged $50 for their first offence, $150 for their second and removed from the league if they are guilty a third time. Teams will receive whatever’s remaining of their deposit at the end of the season (a full $200 for instance if a team doesn’t forfeit any games)
  • Forfeiture: Teams must clearly alert their opponent and the executive (by 3:00 p.m. of game day) if they cannot field a team for a game. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture. Otherwise, the league will consider rescheduling the game based on gym availability
  • Scheduling: The league will try to publish its schedule on the YKBA website and via email as early as possible for everyone’s convenience
  • Players must be on team rosters in order to play. They must also play at least three games with a team before they can play with them in the playoffs
  • Playoffs: All YKBA teams will qualify for the playoffs. A playoff format will be communicated by the executive ahead of time. 
  • Player Jerseys: Players are asked to wear numbered jerseys or shirts that clearly differentiate players for the purposes of keeping statistics and refereeing. 

The YKBA will follow Basketball NWT’s suggested return to play guidelines amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Some highlights of this plan include: 

  • Players should endeavour to arrive at the facility as close to game time as possible, in their gear and ready to play
  • Access to change rooms and full changes in the gym are prohibited
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available to players and should be used before, during and after games (equipment will also be sanitized)
  • Players are prohibited from sharing equipment and using water fountains
  • Players are required to physically distance when not in game action
  • Participant restrictions: Teams are limited to a maximum of 10 players per game. Teams must submit a roster sheet (with contact information) to the executive and have individual players sign a COVID-19 waiver and declaration form before play
  • Players must self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms, and not play if they are experiencing any. It is every player’s individual responsibility to ensure they are adhering to these public health measures
  • Spectators are prohibited and the number of referees and scorekeepers will be limited