All games at Sir John Franklin High School. Players must have completed a facility waiver, attestation form, and have been added to their team’s rosters before participating. Please follow the YKBA’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Note: refs will be updated on the site weekly, and so may not be completely accurate at any given time.

Schedule to April 7 (end of regular season):

DateTime (PM)Team 1vsTeam 2Referees
Friday, Feb. 197:30BureaucratsSpartansAaron W/Cole
Monday, Feb. 227:30Fruit Punch BallersSpartansDamien/Jean
Tuesday, Feb. 239:15Women’s League: Team BEaglesGlenn/Rogine
Wednesday, Feb. 249:15BureaucratsNew TeamAaron W/Aaron C
Friday, Feb. 267:30NuggetsSpartansCole/Glenn
9:15Fruit Punch BallersJazzGabe/Jean
Monday, Mar. 17:30New TeamSpartansSimon/Glenn
Tuesday, Mar. 29:15Women’sDrop in
Wednesday, Mar. 39:15JazzSpartansGlenn/Gabe
Friday, Mar. 57:30New TeamFruit Punch BallersCole/Aaron W.
Monday, Mar. 87:3076ersFruit Punch BallersGlenn/Cole
9:15JazzNew TeamGabe/
Tuesday, Mar. 99:15Women’s League: Team ATeam BGlenn/Damien
Wednesday, Mar. 109:15BureaucratsSpartansCole/
Friday, Mar. 127:30Fruit Punch BallersSpartansGlenn/
Monday, Mar. 157:30NuggetsSpartansAaron W./
9:15Fruit Punch BallersJazzGlenn/
Tuesday, Mar. 169:15Women’s League: Team AEaglesGlenn/
Wednesday, Mar. 179:15New TeamNuggetsGabe/Glenn
Friday, Mar. 197:3076ersFruit Punch BallersGlenn/Aaron W.
Monday, Mar. 227:30BureaucratsNew Team
Tuesday, Mar. 239:15Women’s League: Team BEaglesGlenn/
Wednesday, Mar. 249:1576ersJazzGlenn/
Friday, Mar. 267:30New TeamSpartans
9:15Fruit Punch BallersNuggetsGlenn/Gabe
Monday, Mar. 297:30BureaucratsNuggets
9:15Fruit Punch BallersNew TeamGabe/Damien
Tuesday, Mar. 309:15Women’sDrop in
Wednesday, Mar. 319:1576ersSpartansGlenn/
Friday, Apr. 27:30JazzNuggetsSimon/Glenn
Monday, Apr. 57:3076ersNew TeamGlenn/
9:15BureaucratsFruit Punch Ballers
Tuesday, Apr. 69:15Women’s League: Team ATeam BGlenn/
Wednesday, Apr. 79:15JazzSpartansGabe/

Playoffs will take place from April 12-28