Schedule to December 16
All games at Sir John Franklin High School

The league needs referees! Without referees, we don’t have games. If you want to referee, email Jordan

DateTimeTeam 1Team 2
Friday, Nov. 257:00 p.m.Great Slave LakersAvery Cooper Nuggets
8:30 p.m.BureaucratsWINMAR Spartans
Monday, Nov. 288:30 p.m.Ideal Woodworking 76ersWINMAR Spartans
9:45 p.m.JazzGreat Slave Lakers
Wednesday, Nov. 308:30 p.m.BureaucratsGreat Slave Lakers
9:45 p.m.Ideal Woodworking 76ersAvery Cooper Nuggets
Monday, Dec. 58:30 p.m.Great Slave LakersWINMAR Spartans
9:45 p.m.Ideal Woodworking 76ersBureaucrats
Monday, Dec. 128:30 p.m.Ideal Woodworking 76ersWINMAR Spartans
9:45 p.m.JazzAvery Cooper Nuggets
Wednesday, Dec. 148:30 p.m.JazzWINMAR Spartans
9:45 p.m.BureaucratsAvery Cooper Nuggets
Friday, Dec. 167:00 p.m.BureaucratsWINMAR Spartans
8:30 p.m.JazzGreat Slave lakers