UPDATE: As of March 11, proof of COVID-19 vaccination is no longer required for YKBA participants, in line with Basketball NWT’s guidelines.


The YKBA will follow Basketball NWT’s suggested return to play guidelines. League-specific rules will be listed below. All participants – players, referees, and scorekeepers – must familiarize themselves with both league and Basketball NWT guidelines.

Participants must also familiarize themselves with and respect any facility-specific COVID-19 guidelines.

Entering/exiting the facility

  • Players should endeavour to arrive at the facility as close to game time as possible. Game times will be staggered to allow one group to exit the facility before the next one arrives.
  • Players are expected to arrive at the facility in their gear and ready to play.
  • Changing in the gyms themselves, besides putting on and taking off warm up layers and changing footwear, is prohibited.
  • Players are recommended to shower before and after games. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available to participants and should be used before and after games, and as possible during breaks in game action (timeouts, halftime, etc.).
  • When the facility allows for it, participants are expected to use separate entrances for entry and exit.


  • Balls will be disinfected before and after each game.
  • Players are prohibited from sharing equipment (jerseys, waterbottles, etc.). 

Distancing protocols

  • Players are required to physically distance when not in game action. 
  • Players are required to maintain physical distance from scorekeepers and referees.

Participant restrictions

  • Each team must submit a roster of players, along with contact information, to YKBA executive. Participants are limited to those on each roster who meet the below requirements:
    • Each player must sign a COVID-19 waiver form and declaration that they will not participate if they are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and are not in self isolation or exposed to someone in self-isolation to the executive before participating. These forms will be held by team captains and submitted to league executive.
    • Players must self-monitor for symptoms, and self-identify and not participate if they are showing symptoms.